Airbrush Competition of Results

Surface : Paper Fabriano Size : 50 x 70 cm Spray gun : Iwata HP-BP and Silver Evolution ,both with 0,2 cm nozzle & needle Airbrush Colour : Pro-Color (Germany) Technique : Airbrush ,plus little drawing

Hello All!

The airbrush competition started by has ended and if you are wonder to see the result, please follow this link. I’m very happy that in category “PRO” the winner is my friend from Slovakia – Slavka Kerdova with the piece above.

If you’d like to see the works submitted to the competition check it here….

Airbrush Competition – Slavic Gods and Demons


Hi everyone, this is just an announcement. I decided to let our readers know that Polish Airbrush Portal has started an international airbrush competition.

To underline the fact, I have nothing to do with its organization and I am a bit ashamed of it. But I’m thinking of joining the competition and airbrushing something.

What is the most interesting here is the topic of competition….

The Right Way of Priming Ampersand Painting Panels

priming ampersand

Ampersand has long been an artist’s top choice for fine professional painting panels. Despite their high quality, it is recommended that all wood surfaces be primed before being used. This is due to the cellular structure of these boards that tends to expand and contract as it absorbs moisture. The aim of priming is to give artists the assurance that their work will stand the test of time….

Airbrush Art from Frank Gavere, MFA


Today I’m presenting to you an airbrush artist with not that usual airbrush painting techniques. Forget about skulls and fire for a moment, forget about getting realistic and dive into Contemporary Art. This is Frank Gavere, his airbrush art and also his story.

AS189 – Is My Compressor Faulty?


Some of you guys may remember that a fairly long time ago I published an air compressor review and at that time I could not predict that it would be probably the only compressor review on my website (at least for now).