5 Ways to Fix Bent Airbrush Needle


Yes, we’ve all been there. Bent needle is the most common problem for all airbrush artists.

Usually the nozzle cap should protect the needle and the nozzle tip but most of us love to work without the cap as it allows us to do better fine art.

If you search on Internet for “How to fix bent needle” you will find a lot of material about that because this is very popular topic in lines of airbrush artist, especially on the tight budget….

Harder and Steenbeck Infinity Review


I’m going to talk about Infinity Two in One from Harder and Steenbeck. I have posted a review for Evolution airbrush from same manufacturer last week, and I was getting replies mostly about Infinity, so I decided to make separate review for this one too. The main purpose of this review is to compare these two airbrush guns….

Airbrush Action Magazine Event 25.09.2014

airbrush action magazine

Hello Guys, till it is still available I am posting embed of the video recorded during
FREE AIRBRUSH ACTION’S FIRST WEBCHAT (it is not live anymore as I didn’t get on time to let you all know)

I hope the guys from Airbrush Action Magazine will leave it up as long as they can.

SPECIAL GUESTS: Javier Soto and Jonathan Pantaleon, two of the world’s best custom painters/airbrush masters….

Airbrush fire reference pack

fire reference pack

Many people use reference pictures to make their work easier and to make final painting look more realistic.
This pack was downloaded from one famous torrent tracker and I hope author of this pack doesn’t mind that I will share it here.

Choosing The Right Air Compressor


So here I am again with a second part of my series that I’ve started recently. First part was about airbrush guns, where I described all the types of airbrush guns that exist out there on the market and I’ve brought a few professional advises that I believe could help you to choose the right airbrush gun….

How Can Airbrush Manufacturers Profit by Avoiding Making Knock Offs


In a rush to make a lot of money “the quick way” some of airbrush manufacturers make a lot of mistakes. What do I mean? It has been said here many times already. Some manufacturers think that making the product cheaper will bring more sales but they are forgetting about the quality.

Mad Airbrush Art by Nikolay Kozlov


For long time I had no airbrush gallery posted on my blog and I wanted to share some good gallery. I think the last one was about airbrushed venetian blinds from Douglass Asselstine.

From time to time I visit sites in the same niche “airbrush“. You may have noticed in my previous articles I have mentioned site unrealtech and I think they deserve to be mentioned….