Why Did We Created This Airbrush Blog?

When I was looking for technical advises about airbrush or any equipment that has something to do with airbrushing I’ve found almost nothing. A long time spent on forums looking for something particular didn’t give me the exact answer either. After a while an Idea of airbrush blog was born. I wanted to start blogging anyway, so why not to blog about something I am interested in. The lack of information on the Internet just pushed me to create AirbrushDoc.com

This airbrush blog is aimed at airbrush beginners and advanced airbrush artists. Main purpose is to cover most of the technical aspects of airbrushing and bring something more as galleries to inspire everyone, history of airbrush and of course to share stencils and reference materials.

The blog was founded at the end of 2010 and launched in February 2011. At the moment we have almost five thousand of fans, subscribers and followers.