How To Get Inspiration For Your Airbrush Art

Sometimes when you try to come up with something original for your art project your mind can go blank. You find yourself unable of creating anything. While airbrush art can give you endless possibilities it can also leave you stumped on a design project. Finding inspiration for your airbrush art can come from many forms. The amount of different places that you can look for inspiration can help you when you are stumped on what to do with your project.

When you feel the creative block is up, start looking around you. Anything can be used as basis for inspiration, especially if you change your scenery and look around your new surroundings with your eyes open.

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I’ve prepared airbrush review this week but I couldn’t finish it, so I decided to post something unusual. Today I want to discuss your inspiration and creativity. For example inspiration can come from art books.

Before you had to go to the library and check out some art books to help you get some inspiration to get you going again with your creativity. Now with the Internet in reach you don’t even have to leave your home. Search for some art blogs. The internet is full of inspiration. Sometimes by looking at other people’s works you can get past your creative block and start creating your own airbrush art again. Any form of art will work to give you inspiration since after all you can airbrush any design you see. Take the time to look at the art of others and see them as your own. Think of how you would have created that picture if it had been yours. Then go from there and start drawing out how you would have made it look yourself. Once you are happy with it, airbrush it and create your own unique airbrush design. Limitless supply of images and artwork on the internet will keep you supplied with some inspiration for sure.

Do not steal! Famous realist painter Eddy Stevens just got slapped by the power of the fine artists community when he was caught stealing another artist’s photo references. He stole images of Katy Sullivan‘s daughter from her Facebook gallery page and painted large paintings for September 3rd gallery show. The collective art community busted him within 8 hours! End result, he personally called Katy, apologized profusely saying ‘he didn’t know she was an artist who painted from her photos’. He has offered to give her the paintings and the gallery will place a disclaimer below both paintings stating they are derivative work from images of her daughter and will not sell them.

THE POINT IS.. Think twice before you steal and use another work. If you want to use someone’s work.. GET PERMISSION!!! Tweet This!

Thanks KathyL for pointing that out on airbrush.com forum.

Art Website

My recommendation


Probably one of the best resources I’ve found for artists of any kind. If you are an artist I recommend to visit their site, register and post pictures of your work. If you make quality scans in recommended resolution it could make a good resource of income as well. DeviantArt provides service. They can take care of prints in palette of sizes you choose and sell them. You as author of the art will share the commission with them and you get to keep the original art in your studio. Over 13 millions members and over 100 million of unique art pieces are telling everything.

The Rebel PIN-UP Page

A pin-up girl, also known as a pin-up model, is a model whose pictures initiated a boom and created popular culture. Pin-ups are created especially for display (meant to be “pinned-up” on a wall). At first pin-up girls were mostly glamour models, fashion models, actresses and┬ácelebrities who were considered sex symbols.

Most popular pin-up girl was Betty Grable. Her poster was practically in every locker of G.I.’s during World War II. Artworks of idealized versions of a beautiful or attractive woman were called Pin-ups as well. An example of this type was the Gibson girl, drawn by Charles Dana Gibson.

I know that many of pin-ups girls were made with airbrush and they still are. If you like to paint pin-ups or just like to see beautiful girls of pin-up style you will also like this page (they already have over 380 000 likes).

Good Book

Books are good, even e-book (but not any techie stuff). Read your prefered gender. Depends what do yo like – fairy tale, love stories, sci-fi, history novels, crime novels … I think everyone knows that reading books improves imagination and creativity along the way. Sometimes reading a good book is better than watching a movie. Many times I hit on some comments on internet about new films. Have you ever seen comment “The book was better than the movie..” You know why? because when you have read the book your imagination was “on” and you’ve seen something like your movie version of the book.

My recommendation

Well I could go on and on but I’ll just mention my last one – The Bourne Legacy.

Mood Music

Another factor is mood music. Listen to your favourite music. Don’t just put the music as a background while you’re working. Try listen to music without doing anything. Close your eyes and turn on your imagination.

My recommendation

Milla Jovovich

I included a link to her first album The Devine Comedy but she has another one called Demos. Both albums are of different style. Unusual music from unusual singer. Highly recommended.


Legendary Russian band, sometimes called Victor Tsoi and band Kino because Kino without Victor were not Kino. This is a must hear for anyone who can understand russian language.
Just an example of one song with english subtitles:

[responsive_youtube b1rYFbMTvQY]

And a remake of song “Star Called Sun” by BRAZZAVILLE. I included this just to give you the idea how this music could sound in english. I think BRAZZAVILLE must love music by Kino as they made a remake of one of their famous song.

[responsive_youtube vO8l5NCVNvQ]

This is it for today.
Sometimes you just need to step back and take a breather to get your inspiration back. If you find that you are not getting inspiration no matter where you are then it is definitely time you stepped away from the airbrush art for a while. Take few hours to do something other than airbrushing and let your mind go away for a while. You will be surprised how quickly your inspiration comes back and creative juices starts flowing when you just take a breather.

Everything I posted here are just my own, subjective ideas and sources I like. I’ll be glad if you could give me and others some more ideas, share your favourite book or band, or maybe some other ways you get the creativity back.

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