Who Airbrushes Toilet Seats?

You may remember that some time ago (well it was really long time ago) I have posted a gallery with very unusual topic for many people. It was gallery of airbrushed toilet seats.

I had mentioned the source but I didn’t know that in that gallery, there were some works that author was unknown. Thanks to big thing called Internet he found me and told me about that.

If you find your work on this site and it is not credited, please let us know asap.

Who are these unknown airbrushists?

Their airbrush name is Redhouse3 (R3).

Frank: “I got started in airbrushing because of a background in art combined with the popularity of the Orange county choppers show and that one of my partners opened a small engine and atv/cycle repair shop. So we thought it would be a great service to offer customers who were already owners of cycles and helmets.

My other partner (who is great in decorating) came up with the idea of doing toilet seats because of the fact that no matter how great your decorating plans are for a bathroom you still end up with the ugly plain toilet in the corner.

We have been doing this for a little over 3 years.”

Here is a preview of their works. As you will see they do much more than just toilet seats ;)

The red and blue cars photos are 4×8 foot murals on canvas and the Harry Potter mural is a full size table (if anyone interested it’s for sale). is their websites where they have all their airbrushed stuff located.

Physically Redhouse3 is located in Sweet Valley, Pa, USA. If you want to contact them you can use these emails or

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2 Comments on “Who Airbrushes Toilet Seats?”

  • Love the toilet seats, are they wood or plastic ?
    Cleared or painted and left?
    Also, when clicking on any of the pictures the individual slide show size is smaller than the gallery pics.

    • Hi Anthony, Sorry for late reply. I can reply only to last question and that is because there are not bigger pictures to have a nice slide show. I am very sorry for that but guys from redhouse3 don’t have bigger pictures.

      About other questions I would advise you to write directly to them. Their emails are provided at the end of this gallery.