Airbrush Compressor Review (AS189)

A long time ago when I wrote my first airbrush review I mentioned that I will try to get my hands on airbrush compressors too and give most reliable review I can.

This day has come. Today’s candidate for airbrush compressor review is AS-189 from Chinese factory. No, I haven’t bought it in China, I have a local seller here that sells this fella under his brand name “ORLIK“. In North America it goes under trademark “FENGDA“. But I can certainly say that it was made in China and they just put a sticker on. Continue reading Airbrush Compressor Review (AS189)

DIY Compressors (Two Engines Build)

Today I’d like to share a story I’ve found on my greatest resource for building compressors First of all it caught my eye. On visual side it looks like factory made model, but nope, it was home-made and as author states he “planned it to be a compact, low-budget project”. But when he started he couldn’t stop. And the result? – not very compact and not that low-budget at all, but how beautiful it is… Continue reading DIY Compressors (Two Engines Build)