How to Start Airbrushing? What to Get?

First of all, today’s article is for true airbrush beginners. If you are just thinking to start airbrushing and maybe just looking for some more info then please continue reading. Those of you with some experience may read on and maybe leave a comment with additional, useful info. For a long time I’ve been thinking that I am still missing something here. But I could not find out what it is. Maybe because of  the amount of information and all those advises I had to go through in past two weeks about getting into airbrushing. I have extended some of my old articles that have been extensive already and I’ve totally forgotten about basic airbrush needs. Just to sum up the whole story about getting into airbrushing, there is more tools you need to begin. Some of them are optional but some are a “MUST HAVE“, according to my own experience. Continue reading How to Start Airbrushing? What to Get?