How to Set Up An Air Pressure Switch

Just a few days ago I received a comment on Silent airbrush compressor article with a question about air pressure switch. The question was really reasonable because I actually never included any exact instruction on how to set up a pressure switch. I was thinking to update the article, but after a while I decided it will be better just to write another entry. The previous article was too long already and I didn’t want to make it even longer, otherwise nobody will read it untill the end. Continue reading How to Set Up An Air Pressure Switch

DIY – Air Pressure Switch

There is no secret that many Airbrushists love to use DIY stuff as it comes much cheaper and they can spend more money for a good airbrush gun.

Home-made compressor build of old refrigerator compressor with an old fire extinguisher tank or even with coke bottle tank and car fuel filters in it isn’t unusual anymore. Even manometer isn’t a problem to get. The biggest problem is to find an air pressure switch or set it up so it will work properly. I have found out a temporary solution which can be made in few minutes untill you get the real one.
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