Advanced Guide to Airbrush Paint

Let’s assume that you have all the equipment that is required for airbrushing. You’ve got airbrush gun and compressor. You also know what you are going to paint and what surface are you going to paint. The only thing missing is proper paint. When you’re starting out you can experiment but I think if you knew something about all the paints available on the market you could save some time and frustration as well. Continue reading Advanced Guide to Airbrush Paint

Colm O’Connor (Irish Airbrush Artist)

One day I got an e-mail from guy named Colm, an Irish based airbrush artist. He discovered this website and he liked it. We exchanged few messages and I went to see his portfolio page where I got hit by lighting as what I saw was not an usual airbrush stuff you see every day. I asked him if it’s going to be ok if I make an article about him and share his work with the rest of the world on my website. I couldn’t promise him a big popularity as my page is not that popular (yet) as I want it to be (I started just ONE month ago) but I’m sure my audience is going to grow when I post something as original as Colm’s work.
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