Choosing The Right Air Compressor

So here I am again with a second part of my series that I’ve started recently. First part was about airbrush guns, where I described all the types of airbrush guns that exist out there on the market and I’ve brought a few professional advises that I believe could help you to choose the right airbrush gun.

But airbrushing can not be possible without the proper air source. The air has to be at certain pressure to allow us to work. Every gun has different demands on its properties, so it is really relevant which air compressor you will choose for your airbrush gun.
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Silent DIY Air Compressor with Auto-Switch

I have posted an article about silent home-made airbrush compressor before. It was a free translation of article I have found at one of the resources from eastern Europe I use. Then I decided to build (diy air compressor) myself and since I have found few tips to make this compressor more comfortable to use with less maintenance effort. Continue reading Silent DIY Air Compressor with Auto-Switch

AS189 – Is My Compressor Faulty?

Some of you guys may remember that a fairly long time ago I published an air compressor review and at that time I could not predict that it would be probably the only compressor review on my website (at least for now). Continue reading AS189 – Is My Compressor Faulty?

Airbrush Compressor Review (AS189)

A long time ago when I wrote my first airbrush review I mentioned that I will try to get my hands on airbrush compressors too and give most reliable review I can.

This day has come. Today’s candidate for airbrush compressor review is AS-189 from Chinese factory. No, I haven’t bought it in China, I have a local seller here that sells this fella under his brand name “ORLIK“. In North America it goes under trademark “FENGDA“. But I can certainly say that it was made in China and they just put a sticker on. Continue reading Airbrush Compressor Review (AS189)

DIY Small Air Compressor With Active Cooling

You might say “Another DIY Compressor?” – but it’s not just the same thing. Usually if you make one yourself it will take some space at your work place and using this space in your home premises is just out of question. This is actually the reason this fella has been build.

Well we all know that compressor without tank wouldn’t take much space but what if we want to have a tank anyway? Air tank in combination with regulator is giving so much pros comparing to compressor without it that any professional will tell you that he will go for the compressor with tank only.

Author of this build has started with the schema. We will not go into deep details – what and how exactly and why it was done because I have written about this before. If you need some more details I recommend you to read diy air compressor or silent diy compressor. Continue reading DIY Small Air Compressor With Active Cooling