Federico Marrero Airbrush Art

Just a small quote from DEXTER at the start:

She isn’t drawn to my darkness like Lila, or blind to it like Rita, and she doesn’t need it like Lumen. She accepts both sides of me; the whole Dexter. So why am I walking away from this? Because when some chemicals mix they combust and explode.

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Airbrush Video – Julija Plaksina

The holidays were a bit boring for my brother so he decided to take out his airbrush and paint something. It was a long time that he has done anything because of his full-time job (you know the end of the year and the boss wants to finish all the orders…) He has been a big fan of the latest Ukrainian X factor and not thinking too long he choose one of the singers and of course a beautiful girl – Julija Plaksina (Юлия Плаксина).

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