How to Airbrush Black T Shirt (Hulk)

Do you have any experience or do you know how to airbrush on black t-shirt? Well, to create a real masterpiece on the black surface that it will look like it is coming out of that black is a real challenge. After reading the following tutorial I found out it is not an easy task, especially since I don’t have any experience with painting on t-shirts at all. If you’ve also never done anything like t-shirt or you’ve never painted a black t-shirt I think you may find this step by step guide very useful. Continue reading How to Airbrush Black T Shirt (Hulk)

Airbrush Tutorial – Scorpio

This is an awesome airbrushing guide from Russian airbrush artist Sergei Alexandrovich Antonov. He owns an airbrush studio in Moscow and same as many of us, he also loves to share his art methods and techniques with all people interested in airbrushing. I hope you’re going to enjoy and learn something new from this step by step tutorial, the result of which is breath-taking. follow tutorial

Airbrushing a Birthday Present

After publishing the airbrushing video with Julija Plaksina (which was only a fan art made by my bother) I got a message from Ukraine asking me if it’s possible to paint a portrait of another of their celebrities. After that I started to explore Ukrainian show-business a bit more. Continue reading Airbrushing a Birthday Present

Airbrush Art from Marlon Navarro Duran

Hi guys! Today’s post goes into gallery category again. You could say “Another gallery?”, yes indeed but yet another great airbrush artist presenting his airbrush art right here and right now. When this guy sent me a picture of his version of famous Heath Ledger (Joker) from The Dark Knight movie I knew I have to share at least a few of his art works with you guys. Continue reading Airbrush Art from Marlon Navarro Duran

Alexandar Paunkovic Airbrush

He didn’t ask to post his gallery here, it’s been me who has been asking. I visit the orange airbrush forum from time to time and once I saw a nice portrait. I checked the rest of art from the same author and I have to say he is a one talented fella. I just asked him to share his art with us and here it is.
Read Alexandar’s Story!