Car Airbrush in Photoshop

Imagine that your client wants to see a preview of his car with the motive he has chosen. Many airbrush custom studios are doing this previews of airbrush in photoshop or gimp photo-editors on daily basis. And some of them are using projectors to show customer the real size painted car. I’ve ran couple times into a question about the software used especially for this and questions about making stencils as well… Continue reading Car Airbrush in Photoshop

Real Flames and Skulls Obsession…

Do you remember the first time when someone told you about AIRBRUSH, what associations did you get with that word? To be honest I found it on Internet before anybody mentioned it to me, so I wasn’t confused as I got a lot of the pictures right away. But when one of my friends asked me:

I heard that you are writing a blog, what is it about?” I said “Airbrush“, his reaction was – Hmmm… What? Come again… Airbrush? What is it? Tweet This!

…Read my opinion and leave yours!

Advanced Guide to Airbrush Paint

Let’s assume that you have all the equipment that is required for airbrushing. You’ve got airbrush gun and compressor. You also know what you are going to paint and what surface are you going to paint. The only thing missing is proper paint. When you’re starting out you can experiment but I think if you knew something about all the paints available on the market you could save some time and frustration as well. Continue reading Advanced Guide to Airbrush Paint

Talent and Airbrushing?

As I have read a lot of airbrush tutorials and watched many videos I got the feeling that if you want to do airbrush you don’t have to be an artist nor talented at all. All you have to know is how to use airbrush and that’s it. Continue reading Talent and Airbrushing?