Free Airbrush Cleaning Station

When I need to clean my airbrush I usually use some pieces of paper that I don’t need and just spray over them but sometimes I accidentally spray on something I didn’t want to and the result is a big mess. I have heard that out there exist something called cleaning station for airbrush. Continue reading Free Airbrush Cleaning Station

50 Skull Stencils (.ai .cdr .eps .jpg)

Here we go again. Another pack of stencils comes from a very good source aerografpro. All skull stencils are stored in separate folders and there is a palette of 4 formats to choose from.
Continue reading 50 Skull Stencils (.ai .cdr .eps .jpg)

Airbrush by Charles Burdick

Another important name in history of Airbrush apart from Liberty Walkup, Thayer and Chandler or Paasche is Charles Burdick.

Charles Burdick came from a family of inventors and pioneers. He worked on various patents and designs throughout his life and is widely attributed with the design of the Airbrush. Following the World Fair he moved to Great Britain where he set up a new airbrush manufacturing company, the Fountain Brush Co., in Clerkenwell Green, London. Continue reading Airbrush by Charles Burdick

First Airbrush Book, Brochures and Magazines

First Airbrush Book was a complex document full of woodcuts depicting every aspect of its use, giving detailed technique instructions on to how to achieve the best results. One of the books is “LW MFG Co booklet” from 1884. Enjoy reading it! :) Continue reading First Airbrush Book, Brochures and Magazines