Preparing Surface For Airbrush – Part 3

How many times did you get to paint plastics along with other surface like metal? These days car – it’s not just a piece of metal on wheels but a bunch of plastic details as well.

I know there’s many people who don’t care much about plastics and just mask it with tape, but there are “masters” (as they call themselves :)) who just paint it the same way as the body of the car and don’t even care to prepare it in any way. So bumpers, side mirrors, spoilers and many of tuning additions that are mostly made of plastics can sometimes, even by small accident, crack and need to be painted after repair again or even replaced. If surface is not prepared properly the paint starts to flake. Even if you painted your car just a month ago and it looks great, how is the car going to look like with peeled bumper? Not just a car surface is the surface to go. Continue reading Preparing Surface For Airbrush – Part 3