DIY Small Air Compressor With Active Cooling

You might say “Another DIY Compressor?” – but it’s not just the same thing. Usually if you make one yourself it will take some space at your work place and using this space in your home premises is just out of question. This is actually the reason this fella has been build.

Well we all know that compressor without tank wouldn’t take much space but what if we want to have a tank anyway? Air tank in combination with regulator is giving so much pros comparing to compressor without it that any professional will tell you that he will go for the compressor with tank only.

Author of this build has started with the schema. We will not go into deep details – what and how exactly and why it was done because I have written about this before. If you need some more details I recommend you to read diy air compressor or silent diy compressor. Continue reading DIY Small Air Compressor With Active Cooling

DIY Compressor by Albastrelu Viorel

Just a few weeks ago I received a question from one of my Facebook follower asking me if I can share his work with my audience.

He has build his own “DIY” air compressor. The nice thing about it is that the compressor was build by following my tutorial called “Silent Compressor” which I’ve published some time ago. To be honest I could not wait to see it! Viorel describes this project a little bit below here – why he did it, what material did he use and what was the cost. Continue reading DIY Compressor by Albastrelu Viorel

DIY Compressors (Two Engines Build)

Today I’d like to share a story I’ve found on my greatest resource for building compressors First of all it caught my eye. On visual side it looks like factory made model, but nope, it was home-made and as author states he “planned it to be a compact, low-budget project”. But when he started he couldn’t stop. And the result? – not very compact and not that low-budget at all, but how beautiful it is… Continue reading DIY Compressors (Two Engines Build)

5 Awesome Articles I Have to Share

Today I decided to post something that got my attention. When I was surfing the Net or clicked a link on Facebook I have found some cool articles to read. I share this articles here because I think many of my readers would like to read them too, maybe some of you already have. Anyway I’m sure this articles deserve to be mentioned. Continue reading 5 Awesome Articles I Have to Share