Airbrush Art from Marlon Navarro Duran

Hi guys! Today’s post goes into gallery category again. You could say “Another gallery?”, yes indeed but yet another great airbrush artist presenting his airbrush art right here and right now. When this guy sent me a picture of his version of famous Heath Ledger (Joker) from The Dark Knight movie I knew I have to share at least a few of his art works with you guys. Continue reading Airbrush Art from Marlon Navarro Duran

Alexandar Paunkovic Airbrush

He didn’t ask to post his gallery here, it’s been me who has been asking. I visit the orange airbrush forum from time to time and once I saw a nice portrait. I checked the rest of art from the same author and I have to say he is a one talented fella. I just asked him to share his art with us and here it is.
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J.W. Baker – Fantasy and Wildlife Art

Some time ago I got in touch with one very specific and great artist. His name is J W Baker. He represents one half of the artistic duo Wolf Song Studio. The other half is his wife Sandi Baker.

J.W. has been painting all his life and believes that the purpose of art is communication.
“I have been actively communicating throughout my life through my art. For me, art in whatever medium has always been my most effective means of communicating the inspirations and observations I believe worthy of commentary”.

Art transcends the ambiguity of language – a single painting can speak volumes. Tweet This!

To create his works he uses both Acrylics and Oils.
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