Iwata Custom Micron Review (C+)

I’ve made couple of reviews already and I couldn’t wait to write this one (the special one) about Iwata Custom Micron C Plus airbrush (CM C+). All because the fact that it has been all this time within my reach. In one of my earlier posts you can see a video Airbrushing Mural where my brother is working with this particular airbrush.

So, what’s so special about this airbrush and why will every professional tell you that Iwata CM C+ is awesome airbrush and they all just love it?  Continue reading Iwata Custom Micron Review (C+)

How to Choose the Best Airbrush Gun?

Why do we have to choose the best airbrush gun? I think that many of my visitors were dealing with this question and if you have landed on this page then you probably have the same question too. Have you seriously been thinking of doing airbrush but didn’t buy any equipment yet? Well, I decided to start a series of articles that deal with beginner’s problems. “Which Airbrush gun to buy?” or “Which airbrush gun is the best?

Let’s say you are totally new to airbrushing, a newbie that loves art and loves to paint, knows how to use a pencil or a brush and one day someone has told you to try airbrush or maybe you have seen it somewhere and considered to give it a try. I’m sure that you have seen some videos about “how to airbrush” on the Internet already and finally you’ve decided – “Yes – I want to do Airbrush!”. Continue reading How to Choose the Best Airbrush Gun?