Choosing The Right Air Compressor

So here I am again with a second part of my series that I’ve started recently. First part was about airbrush guns, where I described all the types of airbrush guns that exist out there on the market and I’ve brought a few professional advises that I believe could help you to choose the right airbrush gun.

But airbrushing can not be possible without the proper air source. The air has to be at certain pressure to allow us to work. Every gun has different demands on its properties, so it is really relevant which air compressor you will choose for your airbrush gun.
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A Few Interesting Notes About Air Compressor for Airbrush

You might be curious, why the hell is that dude writing all that stuff all over again? Didn’t he write something on how to choose the right air compressor? Yes indeed, but it was a long time ago and to be honest even I don’t remember what it was about. After extending the best airbrush article for price ranges I checked the one about compressors again and found out that not everything has been said.

I decided to take a closer look at the compressors used for airbrushing, go through every piece of the whole compressor machine and question the need of those pieces. Continue reading A Few Interesting Notes About Air Compressor for Airbrush