Paint Defects – Why and How to Deal With it?

It took me a bit of time to come up with the idea for today’s post. I have not received any materials from sponsors for a long time to make a review. Only recently I received something but it will take time to prepare everything and write some good stuff.

I decided that I need to write something useful for my readers, something that will help anyone – not only the ones working in airbrushing but also with paints in general. One of the important things while painting apart of having great tools, prepare the surface, use the proper paint and have some skills is to be aware of external factors that can cause problem even if you are sure you have done everything right.

I’m sure that you have seen a paint to look like orange peel or paint runs. These are paint defects and you should watch at all time not to make any mistakes to avoid them. Your clients won’t like it.

There are many of them, so I’ll try to describe every one of them as best as I can and also how to prevent them. Continue reading Paint Defects – Why and How to Deal With it?

Advanced Guide to Airbrush Paint

Let’s assume that you have all the equipment that is required for airbrushing. You’ve got airbrush gun and compressor. You also know what you are going to paint and what surface are you going to paint. The only thing missing is proper paint. When you’re starting out you can experiment but I think if you knew something about all the paints available on the market you could save some time and frustration as well. Continue reading Advanced Guide to Airbrush Paint