Painting on Polymer Clay from Forest Rogers

I would love to welcome here everyone who is still following us and all who remember when we had an entry about painting on polymer clay. If you liked the recommendation from Megan then today’s entry is definitely for you. A few days back I got an email from Forest Rogers who actually works with polymer clay a lot. She did share some of her knowledge with me and I proposed to write another entry on this topic as I think as much information we share the more we know and then we get better and better.
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Airbrushing On Polymer Clay

Polymer clay, an unusual topic for airbrush blog? Well, not that unusual for many artists doing sculpting. Painting on clay is not as simple as it might look like because you have to count with the material properties and clay has also to be baked to give it durability and permanency. I am not a professional in this area but to stay on top of our topic “airbrushing” I will try to describe everything I know about clay from applying paint on top of it, what type of paint you can use, what preparation you need and all around it. I collected all this information from my research and from friend for the past week.
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