Real Flames and Skulls Obsession…

Do you remember the first time when someone told you about AIRBRUSH, what associations did you get with that word? To be honest I found it on Internet before anybody mentioned it to me, so I wasn’t confused as I got a lot of the pictures right away. But when one of my friends asked me:

I heard that you are writing a blog, what is it about?” I said “Airbrush“, his reaction was – Hmmm… What? Come again… Airbrush? What is it? Tweet This!

…Read my opinion and leave yours!

Ultimate Skull Reference Images Pack

It was really long time since I posted something to download. Last time it was Fire Reference Pack as I knew that there is a huge audience that wants to paint real fire flames. There is a lot of artists painting skulls all the time as they were obsessed with them. So I decided to make a pack that will include lots of skulls from different views, with different shapes … Continue reading Ultimate Skull Reference Images Pack