Airbrush Tutorial – Red on Red

After very popular airbrush tutorial from last time I’ve noticed that people interested in airbrushing like more then anything else tutorials which provide great information where they are actually able to learn new things. There are great tutorials out there on Internet (mostly videos) and sometimes it is almost impossible to find and follow all of them, that’s why I’m trying to share my finds with my audience. Continue reading Airbrush Tutorial – Red on Red

Vinylography Or Airbrushing On Vinyl Foil

What is Vinylography? Perhaps you may have heard of airbrushing on vinyl foil or at least about vinyl. Very often in airbrushing vinyl has been used for stenciling but some manufacturers went further and created a special foil that can be painted first in comfort of your home and then just been taken out and placed onto your car.

Easy, comfortable and it will give additional protection for your car hood and you can take it off after some time if you don’t like it and your old coat will be still there as new. Continue reading Vinylography Or Airbrushing On Vinyl Foil

The Story of Love – Airbrush on Electric Kettle

UNREALTECH.RU is a great airbrush website for everyone who can read cyrillic and knows something about airbrush. Last time I’ve had nice chat with author and founder of that site and he gave me the permission to use his website as my source of information. As most of my visitors come from USA and other countries that understand english, I think that one more source of any useful info can have only positive impact. You may have seen some of their stuff in the post airbrushing toilet seats. Here is another tutorial from them, so, enjoy it! Continue reading The Story of Love – Airbrush on Electric Kettle