Airbrushing a Birthday Present

After publishing the airbrushing video with Julija Plaksina (which was only a fan art made by my bother) I got a message from Ukraine asking me if it’s possible to paint a portrait of another of their celebrities. After that I started to explore Ukrainian show-business a bit more. Continue reading Airbrushing a Birthday Present

Alexandar Paunkovic Airbrush

He didn’t ask to post his gallery here, it’s been me who has been asking. I visit the orange airbrush forum from time to time and once I saw a nice portrait. I checked the rest of art from the same author and I have to say he is a one talented fella. I just asked him to share his art with us and here it is.
Read Alexandar’s Story!

Painting Guitar (video)

Have you ever got into a trouble painting a guitar? Today’s post has taken more than over two weeks to come out even though the final piece could have been already done; it was actually done in two days but let me tell you everything step by step.

My brother received an order to paint one of those Jacksons guitars (Kelly model) from one of his friend. The order has been very specific – it had to be dark theme or I would say as much “black” as possible.

First of all every project needs some concept design. So design has been made as customer said “I leave you a free hand, do whatever you think might look cool“. We also made a video which is also available in HD, so if you don’t like to read much text then watch it first. Continue reading Painting Guitar (video)