Harder and Steenbeck Infinity Review

I’m going to talk about Infinity Two in One from Harder and Steenbeck. I have posted a review for Evolution airbrush from same manufacturer last week, and I was getting replies mostly about Infinity, so I decided to make separate review for this one too. The main purpose of this review is to compare these two airbrush guns. Continue reading “Harder and Steenbeck Infinity Review”

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Advanced Guide to Airbrush Paint

Let’s assume that you have all the equipment that is required for airbrushing. You’ve got airbrush gun and compressor. You also know what you are going to paint and what surface are you going to paint. The only thing missing is proper paint. When you’re starting out you can experiment but I think if you knew something about all the paints available on the market you could save some time and frustration as well. Continue reading “Advanced Guide to Airbrush Paint”

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What is My Art Worth? Flayer for Your Customers

I’m very often hearing a question “What is my art worth?” or “How much should I ask for my art?” I do write articles on various topics within airbrush niche and once I wrote this kind of post (i.e. how much to ask for your art?). See for yourself

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