Badger Renegade Airbrush Review

I would place Badger Airbrush in top ten best airbrush brands of the world, well at least from what I’ve heard about this brand. But I have never tried or even seen one for real – until now. When I’ve got the opportunity I knew that another review in my “airbrush reviews” category will follow very soon. And I’m pleased that I got something like Badger Renegade line of quality airbrushes in my hands. Badger’s website informs us that this line is especially for “the proven elite artist“. So, let’s see if they are right. As I looked on the web I found some info about them and some reviews as well and one of them was from modeler who claimed, that “they are dead wrong and that these airbrushes are only for the modelers, no matter what skill level they at, but who wants a quality, double action airbrush and for reasonable price“. Continue reading Badger Renegade Airbrush Review

Iwata Custom Micron Review (C+)

I’ve made couple of reviews already and I couldn’t wait to write this one (the special one) about Iwata Custom Micron C Plus airbrush (CM C+). All because the fact that it has been all this time within my reach. In one of my earlier posts you can see a video Airbrushing Mural where my brother is working with this particular airbrush.

So, what’s so special about this airbrush and why will every professional tell you that Iwata CM C+ is awesome airbrush and they all just love it?  Continue reading Iwata Custom Micron Review (C+)

Harder and Steenbeck Infinity Review

I’m going to talk about Infinity Two in One from Harder and Steenbeck. I have posted a review for Evolution airbrush from same manufacturer last week, and I was getting replies mostly about Infinity, so I decided to make separate review for this one too. The main purpose of this review is to compare these two airbrush guns. Continue reading Harder and Steenbeck Infinity Review

Harder and Steenbeck Evolution Two In One

Maybe you all remember that I have mentioned this airbrush before. I did not do a review, I just showed some tips on how to tweak evolution airbrush. I admit it is not that perfect and needs some more adjusting. But when I posted a review on Aztek 7778 I decided to continue with more reviews. I’ll start with one I have at home – Evolution Two in One from Harder  and Steenbeck.

Continue reading Harder and Steenbeck Evolution Two In One

Aztek Airbrush Review (7778)

Every starting airbrush artist or scale-modeller will get to a point in his life when he has to decide which airbrush to buy. I’ve planed to create this category for a long time but I could never find the right moment to start it off.

Here we go! I started it and my first patient is Aztek 7778 airbrush. I think that many skilled airbrushists will skip this post as they probably have their experience with this brand or even with this particular airbrush gun. Continue reading Aztek Airbrush Review (7778)