Preparing Surfaces For Airbrush – Part 2

As you may have noticed before when I wrote about surface preparation for airbrush I’ve added “part 1” into the title, so you may have expected it to continue. Last time it was about airbrush on metal surface. Today you’ll see how to prepare wood for airbrushing.

In matter of quality you need to seal the wood otherwise the paint will quickly discolor. If you want the grain to show you can use a clear sealer. If you require a flat, colored surface consider to use Gesso. It has been used for centuries as a painting base for a huge variety of mediums and has been proven as best by time. It is very comfortable to airbrush on.
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I Want to Do Airbrush. Where Do I Start?

First say to yourself what you want to be; and then do what you have to do“. Epictetus. Tweet This!

Sometimes I find a blog or forum entry where people are talking about airbrush in many different ways. One will tell that it is a good thing to spend your time on and another will try to convince you that it’s a perfect way to make money.

After reading many of these articles I got a strange feeling of the main purpose of this whole thing called AIRBRUSH.

It doesn’t matter if you just want to try it out or you manage to make money out of it already, the most important thing is that you do it because it is your hobby and you love your hobby. So, when you are going to start airbrushing, no matter what the reasons are, you have to ask yourself a question:

I Want to Do Airbrush, Where Do I Start?

Lets face it, airbrush for many of us is far from a profession (there is no university where you get a diploma), it is more like hobby where clever people manage to make an additional income. Additional in case that you have a day job already. Be honest, do you like your day job? Continue reading I Want to Do Airbrush. Where Do I Start?

My 15 Basic Airbrush Rules

Our readers who have painted a few pieces on their own are probably not that interested in reading any poems because most of their mistakes were already made and probably fixed too and they know how to deal with it next time as they found the solution to every wrong step by themselves. Continue reading My 15 Basic Airbrush Rules

Advanced Guide to Airbrush Paint

Let’s assume that you have all the equipment that is required for airbrushing. You’ve got airbrush gun and compressor. You also know what you are going to paint and what surface are you going to paint. The only thing missing is proper paint. When you’re starting out you can experiment but I think if you knew something about all the paints available on the market you could save some time and frustration as well. Continue reading Advanced Guide to Airbrush Paint

How to Choose the Best Airbrush Gun?

Why do we have to choose the best airbrush gun? I think that many of my visitors were dealing with this question and if you have landed on this page then you probably have the same question too. Have you seriously been thinking of doing airbrush but didn’t buy any equipment yet? Well, I decided to start a series of articles that deal with beginner’s problems. “Which Airbrush gun to buy?” or “Which airbrush gun is the best?

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