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Many people visit this site not because of interest in airbrushing but because of all DIY stuff.

I’ve got a category with name tips & tricks but it does not describe exactly the nature of it as mostly it is not just some tip or trick, there is tutorials and guides on how to make something yourself.

So I decided that I have to highlight it somehow by creating resource pages.

This page is dedicated to most common DIY for airbrush.

DIY Air Compressor


If you came here to find out how to build an air compressor here are my recommendations:

1. Homemade Airbrush Compressor
2. Silent Air Compressor With Regulator

I recommend to read the first one to get the idea, but if you decide to build one then follow the second article as the regulator will help you to build a more effective compressor. Also check “The right oil for your compressor” to answer all the questions you may have about the oil.

pressure switch

And also many people building air compressor at home are having questions about setting up air pressure switch. If you don’t have a pressure switch but still want to explore how it may work or in case where yours is broken, you may try a temporary solution – diy temporary air pressure switch.

These will help you understand the concept of homemade air compressor and enough information to build one yourself. You may say: this is it? Well according to informative guide and detailed explanation, yes this is it. But from time to time I use to publish other homemade compressors made by other people.

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If you want to see other diy air compressor projects that capture a hint of ‘uniqueness’ then check links below:
1. Air Compressor With Two Engines and Awesome Look
2. A4 Size Compressor With Active Cooling
3. DIY Compressor from Albastrelu Viorel

DIY Airbrush

Home made airbrush

This one is a cherry on the cake for our blog. I don’t know if there is many people making airbrush gun themselves but I’ve noticed that people like to check this particular article very often. If you are interested too check our homemade airbrush post.

Other “How to” stuff for airbrush

cleaning station

Here I wanted to mention homemade cleaners for airbrush.

1. DIY Airbrush Cleaning Station For Free
2. Cleaning Station And Stand For Airbrush In One

Did you bend the airbrush needle? Follow this guide how to fix bent needle.

If you have any questions about painting different surfaces then this series is intended for you:

1. Surface preparation – metal
2. Surface preparation – wood
3. Surface preparation – plastic
4. Very cheap way to paint a car
5. Proper way to polish your car

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