New Here or New to Airbrushing?

Airbrush Tips and Tricks

Here you will find articles on “How to” build Air Compressor for your airbrush. Cleaning station for airbrush, fix the airbrush seal, step by step instructions on making stencils in CorelDraw or preview of future airbrush in Photoshop.

Airbrush Galleries

Beautiful airbrush galleries on various topics from usual moto airbrushing up to airbrushed cell phones or even airbrushed toilet seats.

Airbrush Reviews

At the moment couple of reviews of airbrush guns. I’m planing to add compressors reviews in the future as well.

Airbrush Reference

Here is some free material for download. Mostly reference materials (skulls, animals, fire) or stencils.

Airbrush Beginners

Are you airbrush beginner, or planning on starting airbrushing? Then this is a MUST READ section for you! How to choose right airbrush gun or the right air compressor. Airbrush paints, their classification by properties, brands and pro advices.

History of Airbrush

I think everyone who does airbrush should know the history of airbrush. Who invented it and when? Interesting facts you might want to know.

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