Airbrush Competition – Slavic Gods and Demons

Hi everyone, this is just an announcement. I decided to let our readers know that Polish Airbrush Portal has started an international airbrush competition.

To underline the fact, I have nothing to do with its organization and I am a bit ashamed of it. But I’m thinking of joining the competition and airbrushing something.

What is the most interesting here is the topic of competition. Slavic Gods and Demons. In case you are not familiar with the topic I’d recommend to check some wiki pages about Slavic mythology or mythological figures.

The easiest way to get the feel what it is all about, just use Google image search and look for Slavic gods or Slavic demons. The is a ton of info and images out there so you can get some inspiration.


  • artworks which are not related to the topic of the competition or already took part in other competitions will be disqualified
  • to create your artwork you can use reference photos
  • you can be inspired by others works, but it is strictly prohibited to copy someone else’s work
  • your creativity and invention is what we expect
  • airbrushing must be leading technique of your artwork.
  • surface – not specified (free to choose)
  • size – not specified (free to choose)
  • allowed number of works to submit – not specified (you can send as many artworks as you wish)
  • by taking part in this competition you agree for publishing your artworks on airbrushlab.pl website and other cooperative services
  • competition is divided into 2 categories: amateurs and pros

How and where to send your photos of your artworks?

  • You can send 3-5 photos of one artwork (a least one photo must BE STRAIGHT FROM camera, meaning it can not contain any Photoshop manipulations like levels etc. ONLY THING THAT IS ALLOWED IS TO RESIZE YOUR PHOTO TO FIT IN 25MB E-MAIL)
  • E- mail: info@airbrushlab.pl

(1 e-mail can contain max 25 MB). Please add “K’O 03” in the subject of the e-mail. Please also include information about category (amateurs or pros), surface, format and few words about your artwork.


The submitted photos of artworks will be presented anonymously to the evaluation to the jury and to all registered users of airbrushlab.pl. Results will be published at www.airbrushlab.pl for each category.

  • The jury will select their work on a scale of 1 to 5
  • Following criteria will be taken under concideration: quality of the artwork, skills, creativity, idea – interpretation.

Jury- People with a great fan : Roger Hassler, Jürek Zamoyski, Michael Calandra , Lynda Johnson


Three (equivalent) first place awards in three different categories.
Categories: Pros, Amateurs, Audience Award.

Universal 360- “Amateurs

Krome -“Pro

Velocity- “Award Publica

Update that was made by airbrushlab. They decided to add another prize to competition. So now, beside the professional jury, the team of airbrushlab.pl is going to choose one happy owner of custom made air compressor. They also left a note that anyone who gets the prize can voluntarily give it away to any other artist involved in competition (if the winner would like to ;))

airbrushlab award
airbrushlab award



What more to add? As the competition is international to participate in it you must be over 18 years old. All the rules are also available in English at the bottom of this original site. Also check all the links I have posted as reading might also help your imagination.

If something is not clear, just ask. Otherwise share it with your airbrushing friends, so as many people can join the competition.


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