Airbrush Infographic – a beginner’s guide to airbrushing

Hello all! Those of you who follows me from the start may remember that I had an article about airbrush guns and separatelly about airbrush paits and now when I got this airbrush infographic from Roger Usher who is behind http://www.airbrushsupplyonline.com/ it actually made it kind of easier to follow.

I know that graphic media are very popular these days so why not to share it with you guys. I hope you will like it.
Airbrush infographic

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4 Comments on “Airbrush Infographic – a beginner’s guide to airbrushing”

  • Very informative information, thank you.

  • Acrylics, when applied to proper substrates should outlast most paints;their thin flexible films have the ability to flex,& a great binder system.Use a quality brand; & I think your good to go for decades.Otherwise fine article.

    • Frank, you always add something more :) Thank you very much