What is My Art Worth? Flayer for Your Customers

I’m very often hearing a question “What is my art worth?” or “How much should I ask for my art?” I do write articles on various topics within airbrush niche and once I wrote this kind of post (i.e. how much to ask for your art?).

Not so long ago I stumbled on one infographic that made me think and motivated to create a sort of hint flayer for your customers (if you have any) to see what they should expect if they require a quality art piece and how may it end up if they want the job to be done fast or cheap.

This infographic is actually a translated work of WeelkaDesign. The whole project has been inspired by Colin Harman design which he created especially for graphic designers.

Flayer for Your Customers

The project on the picture above is recommended and can be applied to any type of art created by artist. The artistic value is not included because this is a subject specific figure to every artist and in general it cannot be measured.

So, What is Your Art Worth?

What do you think? Does it make sense or does it need any additional changes?
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4 Comments on “What is My Art Worth? Flayer for Your Customers”

  • Maybe something less offensive to a potential customer than “kill yourself” (even if I agree with the sentiment). Perhaps “Keep wishing, I have to eat.”

    • ;) good point but I didn’t take it to be that offensive as it sounds.

  • I guess you also have to look at the customer as well. Will it be worth your while if you charge less on a good piece if they will bring you more business. After a while it will be easier to read a client so you know exactly who will be a long standing loyal client and who will be a one hit wonder. As a graphic designer i was able to learn this and I use it for my paintings as well.

    • Yes that’s truth, I’ve been pointed out already on one of social medias that customers are also important. Here is the comment from DigitalDesperado:

      “Sometimes getting a loyal client is more valuable in the long run.
      Also exposure: where is the client putting your work who will see it.
      Reputation: some projects add to your reputation if you can get a credit or an endorsement from the client.
      Is the work valuable to your development? Is the work something you want to do?
      That’s the kind of thing I take into account when pricing work. ”

      So basically that flayer is like for first customer when he complains about costs ;)