Permanent or Temporary Tattoos (3D)

A small piercing or small tattoo are not going to surprise anyone these days. There are people who even make tattoos that looks like scars. I don’t know who would like these things because even a simple tattoo taking about the third of your body gives a strange feeling when you see people looking at you.

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The 21st century gives us 3D in all the forms you can imagine. Especially it didn’t go far from tattoo art. BTW, Tattoo is one of the oldest arts that made it to nova-days. First body art has been found by archaeologists on one of Egypt’s mummy. Hence its age, e.g. 4000 years, the art piece was high quality one.

Here I decided to post some works as gallery that have something in common with the theme of this blog.

To be honest some of this art looks scary and frightening but 3D on man’s body is very fancy.

Despite this fact in my opinion you should not have any on your body, at least not permanently.

I don’t have any tattoo and I’m not planing to have one. Better is just to make a temporary tattoo using airbrush. Try it and see how people will react to that and mainly how you, yourself will live with that.

I would like to know what do you think? Is it worth to have one image on your body for good?

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3 Comments on “Permanent or Temporary Tattoos (3D)”

  • Oh my God! These airbrush tattoos are so real. I just can not forget the one with spider on women’s shoulder. its spooky

    • Yep, spooky, good stuff for Halloween ;). If someone has it permanently, it’s like having Halloween all the time.

  • These are not airbrushed I can assure you.