Airbrush Art from Alexey Sulkovskiy

For a long time we didn’t have any airbrush artist presenting his art gallery here.

A few days back I stumbled on amazing airbrush art of Alexey Sulkovskiy and didn’t hesitate even for a minute to return an email to him. The response was exceptionally fast. Alexey agreed to share a short bio and his gallery with airbrushdoc audience. I’m speechless. Here’s a short article I’ve prepared with his cooperation. Continue reading Airbrush Art from Alexey Sulkovskiy

Airbrush Designs from Steven Lane

Today’s story is from Steven Lane, Australian artist, who started using airbrush just a while ago but already loves it. What is also interesting is that he does not limit himself to some special “one” particular style and I feel like he may give you some motivation to try something new. It’s also a help to someone with imagination or perhaps brings back the inspiration. Steven Lane will show us some of his airbrush designs and will tell us his story. Continue reading Airbrush Designs from Steven Lane

Airbrush Shockwave from Eastern Europe

Today we have a Citizen of Russia, born in Yakutia and living in Ukraine an Airbrush artist named SHOCKWAVE. For real it is very beautiful girl and her name is Olga. Enjoy her story and her art.

The first time I’ve found airbrush in one article from magazine about cars in 1999 or maybe in some airbrush magazines after year 2000. I saw pictures of work from Ilnur Mansurov, at that time first of his works. I’ve been so affected that I decided I have to try. But I forgot about it at least until 2005 when I met a man who is friend with a car painter. At that time I had a chance to hold an airbrush gun for the first time in my life. This was the day I’ve decided on my future profession despite the fact that I was already studying computer graphic design and advertising. Today I’ve got the diploma already. Continue reading Airbrush Shockwave from Eastern Europe

J.W. Baker – Fantasy and Wildlife Art

Some time ago I got in touch with one very specific and great artist. His name is J W Baker. He represents one half of the artistic duo Wolf Song Studio. The other half is his wife Sandi Baker.

J.W. has been painting all his life and believes that the purpose of art is communication.
“I have been actively communicating throughout my life through my art. For me, art in whatever medium has always been my most effective means of communicating the inspirations and observations I believe worthy of commentary”.

Art transcends the ambiguity of language – a single painting can speak volumes. Tweet This!

To create his works he uses both Acrylics and Oils.
Continue reading J.W. Baker – Fantasy and Wildlife Art