J.W. Baker – Fantasy and Wildlife Art

Some time ago I got in touch with one very specific and great artist. His name is J W Baker. He represents one half of the artistic duo Wolf Song Studio. The other half is his wife Sandi Baker.

J.W. has been painting all his life and believes that the purpose of art is communication.
“I have been actively communicating throughout my life through my art. For me, art in whatever medium has always been my most effective means of communicating the inspirations and observations I believe worthy of commentary”.

Art transcends the ambiguity of language – a single painting can speak volumes. Tweet This!

To create his works he uses both Acrylics and Oils.

If you didn’t know, Wolf Song Studio has done a review on Infinity Airbrush. I have written one for Infinity myself but I would recommend to check their review anyway as it’s different than any airbrush reviews you can find on-line. It is called Two Artist’s review the “Infinity 2-in-1” (at the moment the page with review is not available :().

J.W. believes that being an Artist is not a job, nor a trade but rather a way of being (it defines who you are). I wouldn’t like to quote J.W. all the time but still, here is another one:

True art is a journey to rediscover the simplicity of directness you already possess. Tweet This!

J.W.’s past artistic associations include works for Walt Disney World Orlando, Sacramento Zoo, Sierra Endangered Cat Haven, The CARE Foundation, Shambala Preserve, University of Florida and many others. He also has been featured in art related publications like Airbrush Action Magazine, Airbrush Art + Action (Art Scene International), Airbrush Technique Magazine, Nature’s Paint Box, and most recently Airbrush Step by Step.

Some insights about the author:

  • Art education – Self taught
  • Style – Stylized allusion
  • Favorite artists – Da Vinci, Monet, Van Gogh, Kirby, Kubert, Froud, Smith, Frazetta, Bruce Lee
  • Best advice received – ‘It’s a game of inches’

BTW, every aspect of the process of creating J.W.’s artworks starts with building the wooden panels that are the support for these artworks, and all the way to the frame on each finished piece. All this J.W. does himself.

Art is a story, and painting is my way of ‘telling the story‘. Tweet This!

ALL Images © Copyright J. W. Baker / 1991 – 2011 | WOLF SONG STUDIO 2005 – 2011

I have included just some of J.W.’s works in this gallery. If you want to see more and also read the story that every of this masterpieces tells, visit his website by clicking the banner above or use this link – J W Baker Gallery.

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  • Mr.Baker and his wife Sandi are two great artist for sure.
    I have been a fan for some time now.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for your comment Mike,
      I’m their fan too ;)

  • Cool!