Mad Airbrush Art by Nikolay Kozlov

For long time I had no airbrush gallery posted on my blog and I wanted to share some good gallery. I think the last one was about airbrushed venetian blinds from Douglass Asselstine.

From time to time I visit sites in the same niche “airbrush“. You may have noticed in my previous articles I have mentioned site unrealtech and I think they deserve to be mentioned. There is many artist from post-USSR, even though USSR no longer exists people find their ways to stick together (God bless Internet). These artists are different from artists in USA, UK, …. I could go on and on. One day I planned to post airbrush art gallery and when I came to this website my eye caught an art-piece that was just AWESOME. Author was Nikolay Kozlov, airbrush artist from Nizhniy Novgorod (Russia). I didn’t hesitate for long and sent him an e-mail. I asked him if he wants to share his art work with all English speaking part of the word. He was happy to contribute. Continue reading Mad Airbrush Art by Nikolay Kozlov

Airbrushing Closed Subwoofer Box for BMW E39

One day my brother got an idea that the sound in his car is missing something. That “something” was in low frequency range, so not thinking for too long he decided that he needs sub-woofer speaker box. As one of our friends has a hobby very closely related to building car audio he asked him to make something that will fit nicely into the trunk so he can have a nice sound. Continue reading Airbrushing Closed Subwoofer Box for BMW E39

Airbrushing a Birthday Present

After publishing the airbrushing video with Julija Plaksina (which was only a fan art made by my bother) I got a message from Ukraine asking me if it’s possible to paint a portrait of another of their celebrities. After that I started to explore Ukrainian show-business a bit more. Continue reading Airbrushing a Birthday Present