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He didn’t ask to post his gallery here, it’s been me who has been asking. I visit the orange airbrush forum from time to time and once I saw a nice portrait. I checked the rest of art from the same author and I have to say he is a one talented fella. I just asked him to share his art with us and here it is.

Graf Studio Airbrush Art

My name is Aleksandar Paunkovic. I am 18 years old and I live in Serbia. Videos of AirbrushTutor inspired me to buy my first airbrush just 10 months ago and start making airbrush artworks.

My first art made with airbrush was portrait of Robert de Niro.


Here is the gallery that I’ve made with airbrush. Some of these artworks are really huge in dimensions.

On YouTube you can watch some of my time lapse videos of airbrushing. Here are two of them.

Airbrushing 3D illusion on t-shirt

Airbrush on hood

I use a Chinese copy version of airbrush (nozzle: 0,2mm), I cannot afford original, because I don’t have enough money to buy it.

And I use some paint from local seller for painting on walls, good enough for the purpose, it’s also cheap.

Graf Studio Drawing Art

Of course I didn’t learn to be artist in those 10 months. I have had some experience with art before I’ve taken airbrush into my hands. Here are some drawings I have made with Graphite Pencils or my first drawing experience with charcoal – Portrait of Joker:

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You see that even with not the best quality airbrush you can create a great art. I think he deserves to be recognized as an artist, so please share the love…

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  • Honestly???these are awesome works and i do agree with Sergej for what can be done with any type of airbrush…as long as you know the principals and be talented of course…can’t he get sponsoredby some groups to help him improve??would have loved to help him if i could..keep it up rock. And keep spreading the Love

    • Hi Bryan, thanks for nice words, any help is appreciated, you can contact me here: , all the best!! :)

  • Amazing works!!!