How Can Airbrush Manufacturers Profit by Avoiding Making Knock Offs

In a rush to make a lot of money “the quick way” some of airbrush manufacturers make a lot of mistakes. What do I mean? It has been said here many times already. Some manufacturers think that making the product cheaper will bring more sales but they are forgetting about the quality. Let’s discus it!

Mad Airbrush Art by Nikolay Kozlov

For long time I had no airbrush gallery posted on my blog and I wanted to share some good gallery. I think the last one was about airbrushed venetian blinds from Douglass Asselstine.

From time to time I visit sites in the same niche “airbrush“. You may have noticed in my previous articles I have mentioned site unrealtech and I think they deserve to be mentioned. There is many artist from post-USSR, even though USSR no longer exists people find their ways to stick together (God bless Internet). These artists are different from artists in USA, UK, …. I could go on and on. One day I planned to post airbrush art gallery and when I came to this website my eye caught an art-piece that was just AWESOME. Author was Nikolay Kozlov, airbrush artist from Nizhniy Novgorod (Russia). I didn’t hesitate for long and sent him an e-mail. I asked him if he wants to share his art work with all English speaking part of the word. He was happy to contribute. Continue reading Mad Airbrush Art by Nikolay Kozlov

Airbrush a Tiger on The Car Hood Without Any Stencil

The tiger (Panthera tigris) is the largest cat species, this means that this animal has some power. But that’s just a fact that actually may be one of the reasons why people want them painted or maybe simply because it’s the most beautiful beast out there?
Continue reading Airbrush a Tiger on The Car Hood Without Any Stencil

How to Polish Airbrush Needle?

Hi everyone! I’ve been working on some improvements for my needles lately. Well – not really improvements but let’s say maintenance. The thing is, even if you belong to group of people that never done such a thing as polishing the needles, behold! Trust me – one day you will have to do it anyway. Continue reading How to Polish Airbrush Needle?