Mad Airbrush Art by Nikolay Kozlov

For long time I had no airbrush gallery posted on my blog and I wanted to share some good gallery. I think the last one was about airbrushed venetian blinds from Douglass Asselstine.

From time to time I visit sites in the same niche “airbrush“. You may have noticed in my previous articles I have mentioned site unrealtech and I think they deserve to be mentioned. There is many artist from post-USSR, even though USSR no longer exists people find their ways to stick together (God bless Internet). These artists are different from artists in USA, UK, …. I could go on and on. One day I planned to post airbrush art gallery and when I came to this website my eye caught an art-piece that was just AWESOME. Author was Nikolay Kozlov, airbrush artist from Nizhniy Novgorod (Russia). I didn’t hesitate for long and sent him an e-mail. I asked him if he wants to share his art work with all English speaking part of the word. He was happy to contribute. So, enjoy the story and airbrush from Nikolay.

As long as I can remember myself I was doing oil-painting and graphics and with airbrush I was familiar only theoretically. One day I decided to start practicing. Started to learn it on my own and find out that airbrushing is exactly the thing that I want to do from now on. Professionally I’m in it more than three years, where two of them I was polishing my free-hand skills in private furniture factory by painting wardrobes and commodes for kids playroom.

I used to work with airbrush from dawn till dusk, 5 to 6 days a week month after month. There was a lot of orders so I had to learn fast and the entire airbrush “kitchen” I learned on the go (BTW I don’t use stencils much, all is free-hand painting).

For whole last year I worked as freelancer (Just do some private orders and airbrush everything I can get my hands on). Sometimes I paint directly onto sketches that my clients bring to my studio. More and more often I got orders like “Here is the surface and it’s fully in your hands, you can paint whatever you want, just make it your authors work in your style and don’t forget to sign it “. These kinds of requests make me happy :).

About the tools I use. In my studio I have three airbrushes: Aero-pro 125c (my first airbrush), Hansa 381 and Iwata Revolution HP-TR2. The last one, of course I love the most. In general I tried more different airbrushes but I prefer double-action airbrushes.

Iwata Revolution HP-TR2 Airbrush

When I do private orders I try to use only special and high quality materials. For example for T-shirts, Interior murals and other decorative work I use Pro-colour (Hansa) and Jacquard. For car and bike airbrush I use paints from DuPont and Standox (I am fully satisfied with them).

Interior and Murals

Private order for interior mural. The client is a big fan of H.R. Giger and he asked me to make one of a reproduction of this painting on his wall. The whole painting has been made free-hand and took around 5 days.

H.R. Giger reproduction

Been affected by art of H.R. Giger I tried to make one of my orders in bio-mechanic manner. I thing I got it right.

airbrush biomechanic art

Some more of NY

airbush New York

airbrushed wall fiction

Airbrushed Furniture

airbrushed butterfly on refrigerator

When I worked in furniture factory, they had contract with Disney representative. This kind of pictures as “Cars” for example I painted about 10 pieces every day (like a robot) using only the base stencil and finishing it by quick free-hand because using many different stencils and masks was taking a lot of valuable time. If I had more simple images I used to make 15 in one day (that’s my personal record). You would say that this is impossible but that’s the fact.

mass airbrushing in factory

Sometimes beside sketches that I had from my employer I got to use my creativity and paint my own art

Airbrush on T-Shirt

I love experimenting, especially when client does not bring his own sketch or picture and leaves me total creativity freedom. I hope that Walt Disney will forgive me this kind of joke.

Oh.. forgive me Disney

Sergej: This is the one that got my attention. Here is more creative T shirts.

airbrush t shirt

Motor Airbrush

At the moment just a few samples of motor airbrush, maybe in future I will add more… And at the end two works that I couldn’t categorize.

airbrush - PC box

airbrush - macro

Today I cooperate with two big companies and even have my own airbrush courses in a big studio. As airbrush brand I use only IWATA because the companies I work with have direct deliveries from Japan and it’s always a pleasure to work with quality tools. Here are some of my latest works.

People are asking me if stopped doing my mad art. My answer is NO. I did not lost the passion to paint something in that style but working for someone else does not leave me much time to paint something for myself. Next painting has been painted especially for a long time ago. The idea to paint a girlfriend for Mickey Mouse came to me after publishes of this article.

That’s it.

Where to find Nikolay? V Kontakte

Here is Sergej back again. I hope you’ll like Nikolay’s art and his story. BTW, I’m willing to review every request of publishing your art and your story on this site as I did for Douglass Asselstine, J.W. Baker, Shockwave or Colm O’Connor. Don’t hesitate to contact me.

I’ll be happy if you leave comment on Nikolay’s awesome airbrush work and share his story on social networks.

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  • Hi, I’m from Mauritius and your work is wonderful. Though I don’t appreciate alien your work is very fine. I love the Bob Marley. I am an artist painter but I’ve just started airbrush recently. I love your matching colors it seems so true and very beautiful.

  • Klevo nakatal risunkov,vapors , Nikolai skoljko vremeni ponadobilosj na kapot s predator?

  • Awesome luv the butterflies

  • Hey, cool stuff, great art. I just started to train airbrush and can’t wait to become that good.
    Ps: wouldn’t Mindy meeting one or both of the bodypainted girls!

  • Thanks for sharing.Great stuff.

  • Friends, thanks for your comments! (N.Kozlov)

  • where can i score some of their tshirts???