Habibulin Azat – Airbrush in Briansk

Hello all! I didn’t want to write too much about this airbrush work, but wanted to share at least the four pictures of interesting solution of a wall airbrush painting inside a flat.

Looks very unique but don’t know how would I feel having this in my home all the time.

Maybe it could cause a fear of water or maybe the opposite if someone has fear it could cure it?

But never mind, let me know what do you think in comments below.
Off course I included some links so you can check other art works of this talented airbrush artist.

Find out more here

Anyway, for all my returning visitors, you may have noticed that I have change the design and that I am trying a new type of posts.
This one is gallery post and it works as a slideshow. So to view the images you just click on arrows on the side of image.

Let me also know if you like this kind of posting.

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