Airbrushing a Birthday Present

After publishing the airbrushing video with Julija Plaksina (which was only a fan art made by my bother) I got a message from Ukraine asking me if it’s possible to paint a portrait of another of their celebrities. After that I started to explore Ukrainian show-business a bit more.

Actually there is a music band called Dzidzio. It’s not just a name of band but also it is a nick name of their lead members. Anyway, it’s not about the leader. Another member is having a birthday these days so it had to be his portrait.

I have not think too long as we still had some free time during holidays, so why not to paint something. Every additional piece to paint means improving your airbrushing skills.
Here is the reference picture we used:


Airbrushing Video

Here is the video of airbrush itself. BTW I have not used a time lapse because I could not find a charger for my camcorder and the battery that I have left would last only one hour. So I’ve been filming just short sequences.

Here I also attached a few snaps made during filming.


The text on the left side of this image says “from Yura Malik”. That’s a good friend who actually initiated all this airbrushing action and just wanted to make a nice birthday present.

I’ll be happy to see some comments with your critique, no matter good or bad. Please share the love.


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  • Great job, thanks for sharing Sergej !