Airbrush Art from Marlon Navarro Duran

Hi guys! Today’s post goes into gallery category again. You could say “Another gallery?”, yes indeed but yet another great airbrush artist presenting his airbrush art right here and right now. When this guy sent me a picture of his version of famous Heath Ledger (Joker) from The Dark Knight movie I knew I have to share at least a few of his art works with you guys.

Hi, I am an airbrush artist from South America (Colombia). Since childhood my passions were drawing and painting.


I’ve studied graphic design but I’m more passionate about illustration and working on computer as a graphic designer didn’t caught my attention.

I wanted to feel paint, graphite, brushes, pencils and pigments.

I took the decision to tackle this race with oils, charcoals, watercolors and finally I got left with the airbrush and I love it.


Looking back I can’t even believe that I’ve been actually working with the airbrush since 2004. Why did I choose airbrush to be my most important artistic tool? Because of airbrush I can achieve a very versatile, surprising and visually pleasing results.

If you are an artist but never tried the airbrush I would recommend you to do it as soon as possible.

My YouTube Channel

Here is just one of my YouTube videos the rest you can check on my channel. This particular piece was airbrushed on a car bonnet. The topic (Hulk) has been selected by the customer. I painted it with my Paasche VL and as paint I used polyester inks.

I hope you like it. Thanks for checking this out.

avatar-Marlon-Navarro If you like my art join me on my twitter , on facebook or subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Do you like Marlon’s art? I like it and I’m going to share it everywhere I can. Cheers.

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2 Comments on “Airbrush Art from Marlon Navarro Duran”

  • keep up with the very good painting they look great

  • Very nice work! You have a unique style in my opinion. Looking forward to seeing more.