What is My Art Worth? Flayer for Your Customers

I’m very often hearing a question “What is my art worth?” or “How much should I ask for my art?” I do write articles on various topics within airbrush niche and once I wrote this kind of post (i.e. how much to ask for your art?). See for yourself

How Can Airbrush Manufacturers Profit by Avoiding Making Knock Offs

In a rush to make a lot of money “the quick way” some of airbrush manufacturers make a lot of mistakes. What do I mean? It has been said here many times already. Some manufacturers think that making the product cheaper will bring more sales but they are forgetting about the quality. Let’s discus it!

Airbrush Infographic – a beginner’s guide to airbrushing

Hello all! Those of you who follows me from the start may remember that I had an article about airbrush guns and separatelly about airbrush paits and now when I got this airbrush infographic from Roger Usher who is behind http://www.airbrushsupplyonline.com/ it actually made it kind of easier to follow.
See the first of its kind, infographic!

Airbrush Competition of AirbrushLab.pl Results

Hello All!

The airbrush competition started by AirbrushLab.pl has ended and if you are wonder to see the result, please follow this link. I’m very happy that in category “PRO” the winner is my friend from Slovakia – Slavka Kerdova with the piece above.

If you’d like to see the works submitted to the competition check it here.

I am sorry for myself that I couldn’t find a bit of time to join this competition too.

Airbrush Competition – Slavic Gods and Demons

Hi everyone, this is just an announcement. I decided to let our readers know that Polish Airbrush Portal has started an international airbrush competition.

To underline the fact, I have nothing to do with its organization and I am a bit ashamed of it. But I’m thinking of joining the competition and airbrushing something.
Check the rules!