compressor1 - 5 Awesome Articles I Have to Share

5 Awesome Articles I Have to Share

Today I decided to post something that got my attention. When I was surfing the Net or clicked a link on Facebook I have found some cool articles to read. I share this articles here because I think many of my readers would like to read them too, maybe some of you already have. Anyway I’m sure this articles deserve to be mentioned.


artist life - 5 Awesome Articles I Have to Share

This one doesn’t have that much to do with airbrushing but a lot about art. A bit of history or biography of painter of Florence,  Fra Bartolomeo (1472-1517). Really nice reading. To be honest I had to read it a few times as I got confused a couple of times by these names :).


temporary tatoo 500x186 - 5 Awesome Articles I Have to Share

Really short and clear article from blog-health-talk. This article contains some tips and advises for a party with tatoo or temporary tatoo solutions (as author says – try first before you go for a real one …)


compressor - 5 Awesome Articles I Have to Share

Jason Jones writes on his blog about his hobbies. One of the hobbies happened to be DIY compressors. He has few articles on the topic but this one deserves special attention. Even that I have built a few compressors by myself (diy compressor and diy compressor 2) they always looked like home-made. This guy made it look as it was manufactured. Spectacular job and awesome finish. If you would want to build compressor at home, you definitely have to read this article.


mike - 5 Awesome Articles I Have to Share

This article is special because it’s written by my idol :).  I think Everyone knows Mike Lavallee. Lately I found out that he has a blog so I started to read it. To my surprise Mike has a good, human, easy to read type of writing. In this article he writes about his beginnings in car airbrushing. Awesome reading. Check his other posts as well.


pharaohscale - 5 Awesome Articles I Have to Share

The last one I present here doesn’t have much to read, it’s airbrushing work progress for Skull contest entry on TheAirbrushForum from start to finish. This one made it to the top 5 because I like that post and I’m big fan of the forum.

The Airbrush Forum has been updated (all data lost)!!!

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