Cleaning Station and Stand in One

This build was born when its author read previous article Airbrush Cleaning Station. The article motivated this guy to build that station for himself and make it more useful (Sergej).

My nickname is FanTom and I’m passionate scale-modeller. Before I start I just want to tell you that I said NO to plastic nor glue, just because you never know how these will react to any reducers or cleaners. So only option “glass, metal and solder“.

How to Build Cleaning Station?

For a base I took a small glass jar with metal screwing lid, aerosol can (iron-plate, empty, of course), piece of aluminium wire (as thick as you can find).

Now we need to take metal pipe with diameter that you can fit a rubber sealing with the force and after that your airbrush tip will fit inside that sealing very easy and going to be hermetic (I used a rubber sealing from automatic pencil).

Well, if the pipe is firm we don’t have to drill the hole for it in the lid. All we need is to use a hammer and make a hole with the pipe itself. Then clean the edges of pipe and the hole with sand paper or needle file and solder it up in angle as you see on the picture.

Take aerosol can and saw off the bottom (approximately 2cm – less than 1 inch ) and solder it up on before prepared place of the lid with holes in it. Note: It is better to make the holes on the bottom of can before you solder it up (it will be easier).

So we get to the point where the can is actually a filter container; I used cotton pads as filter. As a cap for that filter I used the cap from the very same aerosol can. Don’t forget to make some holes in that cap as well to let the air pass.

Airbrush Stand

OK, lets move to our stand. I used a thick wire and cable socket (it caught my eye because of the colour). How you form the wire is up to you. My version is very practical for me. For protection purposes and against sliding I used pieces of rubber hose.

I have left some space on the cable socket so I decided to use it and mounted a small bottle for cotton buds (they come very handy when you clean your airbrush). When you mount it very close to the jar it won’t cross your way.


To give it some harmony I colored everything in one colour.

That is actually it. Easy, practical, functional and very handy. You can just put some cotton pads into the jar or just fill it with the water so the end of the pipe is drowned.

The hermetic is fine and there is enough pressure to “make bubbles” :)

This is Sergej again. Thanks FanTom for nice tutorial. I hope it will help many people to make their own airbrush cleaning station.

Source: scalemodels.ru

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