Airbrush Shockwave from Eastern Europe

Today we have a Citizen of Russia, born in Yakutia and living in Ukraine an Airbrush artist named SHOCKWAVE. For real it is very beautiful girl and her name is Olga. Enjoy her story and her art.

The first time I’ve found airbrush in one article from magazine about cars in 1999 or maybe in some airbrush magazines after year 2000. I saw pictures of work from Ilnur Mansurov, at that time first of his works. I’ve been so affected that I decided I have to try. But I forgot about it at least until 2005 when I met a man who is friend with a car painter. At that time I had a chance to hold an airbrush gun for the first time in my life. This was the day I’ve decided on my future profession despite the fact that I was already studying computer graphic design and advertising. Today I’ve got the diploma already.

Education does help with airbrushing just a little bit. I could draw (even in photoshop) before the University.

Airbrush became my daily routine sometimes around middle of 2011.

So actually I tried airbrush in 2005 and didn’t actually paint anything important. Then I totally got out of life for three years because I gave a birth to my son. Then I was trying to get back to drawing mostly only onto the paper. In 2009 I have painted my first car but then University took all my time. I didn’t even had the time to get fully familiar with all the techniques. Last year I finished the University and now work every day and now I understand that everything could be learned in just a few months. BTW during last two years I’ve almost given up on education as I wanted to spend more and more time with airbrush!

At the moment the most difficult for me is car airbrush. I don’t have enough experience. I work more on T-shirts and in the process I practice and professionally grow. I could practice for free on the scrap yard but it would be expensive anyway. Not much people want to airbrush their car in my place and that’s a pity.

I think I may work more on portraits or animals. I don’t have much skills in this field too.

For my work I use Airbrush Iwata HP-C Plus and paints Wicked Colors. I’ve tried different brands even special thick paints for brush but I didn’t feel the same comfort. Wicked has an atomic white :)

To make paint to hold better on T-shirt I first use Wicked transparent base then iron it trough manila paper (it does not stick). Then I paint and iron again. It could be better to use iron press but I don’t have it.

I know people that were trying airbrushing just because they thought that it is easy and very good source of income. But trying to get more and more money they didn’t spend much time with technique itself which lead to lost of reputation and total failure of business.

I love works of Max Grom, First Center and also Struchalin has some powerful works. And also Ilnur Mansurov, he was my inspiration.

As a starting artists in airbrushing I would recommend a lot of practice and setting some goals for yourself. Also know why airbrush is acting weird some time and know how to deal with it. From my own experience I think using quality tools and materials is very important because not everyone can survive this test of getting into airbrushing.

Where to find Shockwave?

Here is the link to her personal portfolio. If you like her art I think she would deserve to get some likes or tweets so please share it with all your friends. Or if you have anything to say I’ll be happy to see any comments. Cheers

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  • Olga,
    You are a real artist the painting are fantastic on what ever you paint on. Good luck and keep painting. and you are a petty young lady