Airbrush Gallery AEROGRAF 2008. Again?

Well yes, again! Why? If you follow my site you know that I have posted a gallery from this Russian exhibition event for everyone who loves airbrush. Yes I’m posting the gallery again but this time there is more. More pictures, more angles, more details, better resolution and even some works that weren’t there before. The gallery may take a while to load as there is 360 images… Continue reading Airbrush Gallery AEROGRAF 2008. Again?

Airbrush Exhibition Gallery ‘104 images of pure inspiration’

An airbrush exhibition where no words are required. Another airbrush gallery because I didn’t have time to finish my article. I had some problems with my computer so I had to deal with that. But I want my readers to stay tuned to what they like probably the most “airbrushing” ;-). This gallery comes from east and it has been on my hard drive for a long long time… Continue reading Airbrush Exhibition Gallery ‘104 images of pure inspiration’

Airbrush Gallery ‘286img’

Whilst I’m working on my next article I don’t want my readers to stay dry. That’s why I’m giving you another portion of airbrush gallery and I hope it will stimulate your imagination, just a bit, and maybe you will get some ideas for your next project. Continue reading Airbrush Gallery ‘286img’

Russian Airbrush Gallery

Back in the game with more images this time in Russian Airbrush style (thanks to my source and I think that airbrushing skulls and flames is not going to last forever and Russian airbrush artists know it already.
See this gallery now!

50 Skull Stencils (.ai .cdr .eps .jpg)

Here we go again. Another pack of stencils comes from a very good source aerografpro. All skull stencils are stored in separate folders and there is a palette of 4 formats to choose from.
Continue reading 50 Skull Stencils (.ai .cdr .eps .jpg)