Airbrush Tutorial – Red on Red

After very popular airbrush tutorial from last time I’ve noticed that people interested in airbrushing like more then anything else tutorials which provide great information where they are actually able to learn new things. There are great tutorials out there on Internet (mostly videos) and sometimes it is almost impossible to find and follow all of them, that’s why I’m trying to share my finds with my audience. Continue reading Airbrush Tutorial – Red on Red

Airbrush Tutorial – Scorpio

This is an awesome airbrushing guide from Russian airbrush artist Sergei Alexandrovich Antonov. He owns an airbrush studio in Moscow and same as many of us, he also loves to share his art methods and techniques with all people interested in airbrushing. I hope you’re going to enjoy and learn something new from this step by step tutorial, the result of which is breath-taking. follow tutorial

“How to Airbrush” from AirbrushTutor

This is a kind of short bio from one awesome guy. In the Internet spheres he is known as “Airbrush Tutor“. Why Tutor? His specialties are video tutorials for airbrush beginners. His videos are so cool that I decided to introduce him to all my readers as I don’t post much guides for airbrush techniques and this is probably something that this blog is missing. Video tutorials are one of the most popular forms of teaching airbrush, so I think we all will profit from subscribing to AirbrushTutor YouTube channel. So let’s read his story.

I first got into airbrushing when I was just 16 years old – at a car show I saw that there was a course teaching airbrushing in Sydney (Australia). The artworks looked amazing and it interested me because I couldn’t understand how people could paint such perfect pictures?! I began learning. Continue reading “How to Airbrush” from AirbrushTutor