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This is a kind of short bio from one awesome guy. In the Internet spheres he is known as “Airbrush Tutor“. Why Tutor? His specialties are video tutorials for airbrush beginners. His videos are so cool that I decided to introduce him to all my readers as I don’t post much guides for airbrush techniques and this is probably something that this blog is missing. Video tutorials are one of the most popular forms of teaching airbrush, so I think we all will profit from subscribing to AirbrushTutor YouTube channel. So let’s read his story.

I first got into airbrushing when I was just 16 years old – at a car show I saw that there was a course teaching airbrushing in Sydney (Australia). The artworks looked amazing and it interested me because I couldn’t understand how people could paint such perfect pictures?! I began learning.

It took a full week for me to learn how to correctly control the airbrush – double actioning etc. After that I was hooked and I was airbrushing nearly every day for a couple of hours. I would find pictures on the Internet and I would project them onto a piece of paper and do my best to airbrush it correctly.

The airbrush school that I originally studied with also offered me a job with them and so I went into teaching. I found I had a good way of connecting with the students. After around 6 months I’ve learned to paint extremely accurate looking pictures that looked almost like photos!

In 2006, I went into business with two other airbrush artists and we were trading under the name of Twisted Arts Factory. I was airbrushing commercially there for a full year, we did everything from large backdrops for school plays to jet boats and motorcycles. This is the year that my airbrushing really improved where I learn how to make artworks appear more impressive and faster.

The more you practice airbrushing, the faster you become (and speed is what makes) a great commercial artist.

After this I sought a job with a more secure form of income and so I slowly moved away from airbrushing but went into spray painting – automotive car repair.
It would be a few years until I picked up an airbrush again.

At the beginning of 2011 I decided to get back into airbrushing but in a different way – in the form of a website. So I began the creation of Airbrush Tutor – a website dedicated to teaching people how to airbrush.

I set up a small space in my garage where I would be able to airbrush and film it, explaining the different steps and requirements for airbrushing. I have since made more videos in the form of a course, teaching people first how to control an airbrush and then how to add realism to airbrushing through textures.

[responsive_youtube WIoTYbVYN8Y]

I plan to make a free full on-line course for anybody interested in airbrushing who has the desire to learn how to airbrush.

I have found that I really love the teaching side of airbrushing more so than actual airbrushing. I love the result you can achieve with an airbrush but I really enjoy teaching other people, managing the website & watching the community grow!

I have even had comments from people saying that my videos were their inspiration for taking up airbrushing and I find this more rewarding than anything.


Sergej here again. Man, I so understand your last paragraph. When people are saying that some of my info had helped them, it just motivates me to create more, give more advices and spend more time on my blog. Too bad I’m not doing it full-time. I’ve subscribed already to your YouTube channel and can’t wait to see more videos. I enjoy them because you’re teaching airbrushing with fun.

Share it with everyone guys, in your community who starts with airbrush; I think they will appreciate it.

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  • Yes, Airbrushtutor gives out fine (and funny) video-tutorials, but I ‘ glad I learned about your site and articles too!

    • Thank you very much Herman, I do appreciate positive feedback :)