DIY Compressors (Two Engines Build)

Today I’d like to share a story I’ve found on my greatest resource for building compressors First of all it caught my eye. On visual side it looks like factory made model, but nope, it was home-made and as author states he “planned it to be a compact, low-budget project”. But when he started he couldn’t stop. And the result? – not very compact and not that low-budget at all, but how beautiful it is… Continue reading DIY Compressors (Two Engines Build)

DIY: Homemade Airbrush Compressor

I’ve been surfing the net the other day trying to find some airbrush compressors and found out the availability is very good so anyone can buy airbrush compressor online with no hassle. Of course for a good one you will have to pay nice bunch of money. But at the same time I found really interesting solution for those of you that prefer some DIY over shopping. Here it is: homemade airbrush compressor. Continue reading DIY: Homemade Airbrush Compressor