Multilayer Stencils

Anyone hungry for stencils? I’ve updated my freebies page with some new, one layer stencils. Whilst preparing new stencils for my celebrity theme I noticed that celebrities look better and show more character if they have more color shades then only two. As I’ve been posting guides for making stencils and making multilayer stencils I have not yet added any of layered stuff to my freebies.

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How to Make a Stencil in CorelDraw

Stencils became part of our everyday airbrush artistic work and many people are asking for some instructions on how to make a stencil. I’ve asked at many places “What final format would you prefer for a stencil” if you want to print it yourself on a printer or perhaps if you have access to a plotter, which is better option when it comes to cutting out the stencil and you can make stencil with much better details.
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50 Skull Stencils (.ai .cdr .eps .jpg)

Here we go again. Another pack of stencils comes from a very good source aerografpro. All skull stencils are stored in separate folders and there is a palette of 4 formats to choose from.
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